Tree Care

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Tree Services at a Glance

Tree Pruning

Tree Crowning (Thin, Lift, Top)

Tree Felling 

Tree Topping

Stump Removal/Grinding down

Hedges Trimmed, Thinned & Removed

Shrubs & Bushes Trimmed, Thinned & Removed

Tree Care

Each tree will be individually considered in relation to the shape, size, character, condition, site and species of tree.

All operations will be completed leaving each tree in an acceptable, well-balanced and safe condition. Each branch will be removed using the ABC cut method where risk of tearing is reduced.

Crown reduction should not be used to reduce the chances of the tree blowing over in a storm.

Crown Thinning is the preferred method to minimize storm damage of an otherwise structurally sound tree.

The objective is to make cuts so that the foliage is left intact on the outer edge of the new, smaller canopy ideally, pruning cuts should not be evident when you stand back from the tree after pruning.

Section felling will be used in situations where there is a risk of damage occurring to any property or harm to the public. The work consists of the entire removal of the tree, in sections. If a delay between felling and stump removal is to occur, the stump will be left at a minimum height of 1.5 metres.

The straight fell of trees is the removal of trees as a single unit. Straight felling will be limited to such situations that pose no risk of damage to any property or persons whatsoever.

Lifting the crown by removing lower branches will allow access

for mowing access, space under the tree and enjoying the shades cast by the tree.

Stump Removal

Stump removal consists of the complete removal of the stump and any lateral roots of the tree and may be undertaken either using hand tools or a machine (stump grinder).

Stump grinding involves the removal of stump to a specified depth, generally between 150m and 300m. Upon completion of stump removal, the remaining hole will be back-filled with soil or grinding waste to leave a level surface.